Whether you are a buyer wanting to buy aged domain names or a seller wanting to sell aged domain names, or our favorite customers, those who want to both buy and sell aged domain names, you really have come to the right place.  Our customized user interface was developed by a domainer for domainers.  As such, we have a robust easy but versatile platform that we are sure you’ll enjoy!

Whether you are a Buyer or Seller or both, the first thing you need to do is register. Registration is free.  Registration can be accomplished by Registering Here or using the tab on the above right of this page.   Registration will require some basic information, including picking a Username, your e-mail, your mailing address and Paypal address.  By registering at Aged.Domains, you are agreeing to our Terms of Use, Escrow Service Polices and Procedures and our Privacy Policy, as well as those of Paypal and Escrow.com.

Once registered, if you are a seller, you can begin using the platform to sell your aged domain names immediately.  Unlike most other platforms, there are no fees associated with listing your names!  Simply register, list your names and make some sales.  Upon completion of a sale, there is a flat, and industry low, 6% commission on the successful sale, payable by the Seller through the sale.

After a Seller lists an aged domain name for auction and the name sells above any set reserve price, there is a 6% commission payable to Resell Domains (parent of Aged.domains) upon a successful sale, which will be deducted from the buyers payment.  If the name does not sell, there are no additional fees to the Seller to relist the aged domain name.

Upon listing a domain name for auction, Sellers can opt to have their listing included as a Featured Auction, which will appear across the scrolling front page Featured Auction listings, for an additional $15.00.  The number of appearances over a given minute depend on the quantity of listed names at that time. Featured names cannot have descriptions in the Title beyond the domain name itself.

If you are a Buyer and have gone through the registration process, you can begin bidding without any fees to you.

Once an auction is won, the Buyer will be provided an automatic notice of payment due. The payment due can also be seen in the Buyers account. At this time, the Buyer is provided two options to pay for the name. Specifically, Escrow and Paypal. Please note that many Sellers specify their preferred payment option in the auction details. If a Seller has indicated a specific payment method, this is the payment method that should be used b y the Buyer for that particular name. If the Seller has not indicated a specific payment method, the Buyer can choose between Escrow or Paypal. The 6% flat commission will automatically be included in the transaction either at Escrow or Paypal.